Complaint: My mother, before her death, had a revokable trust with Bank of the West in Decorah, IA. In April and May of 2010 she was admitted to assisted living and her house was to be put up for sale. It had been appraised at $120,000. Harman Realty was chosen to handle the sale by her financier, Brian Wriight, at Bank of the West in Decorah, IA because Mark Harman of Harman Realty had previously been employed by Bank of the West. After four or five weeks on the market, my mother’s house was taken off the market, price reduced and sold to a friend of the realtor for $69,000. No counter offers were to be made. The family’s wishes were not taken into concideration. I tried to speak to my mother’s attorney who would not speak to me because he also represented Bank of the West. My own attorney went so far as to say that while the sale may have been technically legal, it was highly unethical. The realtor in the matter gave a song and dance about the roof leaking and the house needing new shingles. I can attest to the fact that the slate shingles which do not need replacing were intact and the attic stayed dry. My mother’s financier would have known this and passed it on to the realtor. Repeated calls were made to try and speak to Brian Wright, my mother’s financier, however all calls have gone unanswered, and Brian Wright no longer works for Bank of the West.

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