Complaint: HORRIBLE COMPANY. DO NOT use Harp Legacy Builders and/or Harp Legacy Concrete Construction. Kenny Harp OR Ralph Matera. 423-646-9375. I Hired Harp to build a 7000 sq ft basement, what a mistake. Quoted me $40K less than the nearest company, and I was warned by several people they would start coming up with bogus charges, but I thought I was smarter than them I guess. They have 2 good references which is the only way they get work, and one can only assume they do there concrete work for next to nothing in exchange for references, as this company would never get a legitimate reference. First they showed up the morning after I hired them, which is great, but a little scary that they were that slow. Project went well for about 2 weeks, all seemed great. Then after they brought us the bill for the first 2 weeks work, it wasnt even close to what they quoted. They charged us for 70+ feet of 20ft. high walls they never completed, they poured 2 huge unauthorized walls which changed the entire foundation and plans, and of coarse they tried to charge us for those. Never one time did they even ask us about pouring additional walls, the first time we knew was when they brought the bill!! The wall could and should have been block. Then they said they didnt quote a 100+ foot retaining wall in the price, when the quote CLEARLY says retaining wall. They claimed the “retaining wall”” was the back of the basement!! Which turns out was 20ft high with a 2 foot footer

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Website: and he blows a gasket cursing at us like we are screwing him!! This guy is a total idiot and know it all

Phone: so it cant retain anything!! Then the walls should have been 12 inches per quote