We are fortunate that my wife and my credit scores are in fine standing. Nevertheless, we received a call today (March 19, 2018), ostensibly from a Paula Carter, saying she was calling ( for whom? No name given!) on behalf of Harris & Harris, "a debt collection agency". We (though, again, she indicated no name of the person she was calling) were told to call back at (866)850-4912. I will not do that, because I don’t want to verify nor discuss anything with this apparently sleazy outfit. I understand that this "company" is not approved by the ScamPulse.com, and has a history of harassing people. There is no reason for this outfit to annoy us except to attempt a scam. We don’t want to be disturbed in our home any further. I did not take the bait as I had no reason to do so, but I don’t want anyone else, who may be less savvy and more vulnerable, to fall for this Harris&Harris sleaze either. (I think they are Illinois based, but I’m not sure.) Thank you.