between Aug 25, to Sept 11, 2009 I went on line to look for a jewelry store. I found Harris Jewelry catering to the military soldiers and their families. I went there on 9-12-2009 and Jan. 2012. The first set was a 14K diamond wedding set that turned my finger green and the ring itself turned black. I could only exchange so the second wedding set the diamonds were falling out…had to exchange to different ring style since that one was discontinued. The 3rd set was resized but came back uneven had to get a different set. The 4th set was a nightmare as well they resized it and it broke immediately. Each purchase a extended warranty was purchased. Included in the extended warranty was ring sizing. Charged 3 times for ring sizing for the amount exceeding $350 and was never told of the charges. Per the internet the charge for ring sizing was $25.00 if it was 2 sizes or less which all 3 times it was. Either way was over charged and never told of charges. Each time I had gone in I was given jewelry cleaner again was never told that I was being charged for their gifts. We did return all merchandise to the store had the store give us receipts. They did give most of the money back. We did not know at the time that this company CAC which is Consumer Adjustment Corporation and by the way it has a new york address but the state of new york does not have this corporation listed. Sent the soldiers commander a non payment of account which was wrong. If we would have not returned the merchandised but have hired a attorney immediately. At the moment we are interviewing attorneys that are opened to a class action lawsuit. After asking numerous times for receipts and copies of signed contracts they sent us a contract that was claimed to have been made on Aug. 12, 2011 which was wrong. After reviewing all correspondence, paperwork that we have that letter that was sent to the soldiers commander was wrong and will stay in the soldiers file. I have a face book made to gather information and you will be amazed on the input that has been received. Its called helpushelpyou. I will also be opening up a photobucket account to down load copies of the ledger that Harris sent us to show what to look for in your statements that you received, also the charges that were charged that was suppose to be free, email back and forth that doesn’t mention anycharges for the transaction. Also from the president himself from the company will state after his research and confirmation he has found…gives dates and transactions which is so incorrect. I sent him a email detailing his information that he sent was incorrect and what transpired and who he should get the correspondence from. than I get another email what can we do to make you happy. I tell him and he sends his attorney to respond. I really felt bad for his attorney either his attorney things other people are stupid or he wasn’t given the full info on the account. Either way the information his attorney sent me was like what is this company doing COVERING UP. Don’t fly cuz when people have documentation on how a transaction happen and than emails that make the pres/ceo look like he don’t know what he is doing or his company is that unethical. Either way they did wrong and they don’t want to own up to it. Oh they did say out of good gester to solve the issue, Harris Jewelry sold poor quality products, charged unauthorized charges, wrote to his commander a lie, took 4 allotments out of his pay check after the account was paid off, the list goes on did offer $2,500.00 Its not the money but how this company has responded and the 2 letters they sent to his commander that was so unprofessional written and pretty much called him a piece of s**t soldier. Well anyone having issues please report them and if you need help finding out for your state go to facebook—helpushelpyou and soon I will be opening up a website with harris jewelry, harris originals all that information of contacts and copies of everything from this account….also will be located in photobucket. email address is (((REDACTED)))

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