Individual told me rate per hour of $16 to so some work on the exterior of my home, but charged me $20 per hour. He claimed he didn’t say that even though he texted me the rate. I asked him how many hours it would take, he overestimated the hours. I was present when he did the work, and knew when he started and finished. I got a bill for about $150 more than what is should have been. When I questioned, he told me he took everything he tore out to the dump. I never asked or approved that he go to the dump. I found it odd he went on the day he said, since the dump was closed for the holidays. I was gone when that allegedly happened, and could not verify he went to the dump. Since I do not live up there, and the situation was hostile, I went ahead and paid for hours worked he did not perform, and for the dump he never went to. Ended up when the snow melted, the debris was still there. The man is extremely unprofessional and dishonest. Since then, I have had a broken window at my place, and someone turned my power off at the main breaker. Cannot prove who did it, but this happened shortly after the dispute. What is sad, is that I paid out of fear that things would happen to my place. He is also operating without a contrator’s license .

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