Complaint: In september 2001 I took my 1989 Dodge caravan into Harry’s to get transmission work done.Before that I took it to Haddaddoge had over a grand worth of work done there and then took it to Andy Andersons where he put all new tires and did brake work. Then on to Harry’s garage for transmission work. I took it to Harry’s for he installed engine and van was still under warranty there.I called from time to time to inquire about my vehicle alsways got the run around and no one returned my calls. So I’d drive by and look and my van was there with about 30 other cars. Right after xams I called harry was ill he was taking c chemo therapy and said hed get it done.Just a few weeks ago I went by the shop I seen my van sitting on blocks and thought that was odd.I then waited about 4 more days went by again I saw my van sitting on the ground NO tires and my gut feeling told me the motor is gone. I called harry’s garage got a dissconnected number but it routed me to another number which was harry’s daughter she said her Dad passed away 3 weeks prior and at that point I got upset & asked why we were not notified of our vehicles. She said the land owner would not let her on the premises to retrieve paper work nor keys. This land owner cleaned out the place threw away old documents took all the keys to the vehicles.She gave me the name and number to the property owner.I phoned the man he said it was open and go get my car. When I went there my vehicle had been moved to the side of the shop totally stripped, no transmission, no moter, no wheels basically just the shell left. I was devasted. At that point I called the baklersfield police dept to take a report, I called the local news they came out and did a story on it. So at this point I am carless and I cant do nothing about it. My daughter and I did some snooping and calling the land owner did not legally vacate the property in the right manner. First off he would not let the daughter on the property the day after her Dad passed away. Second he cleaned out the shop which wasnt his place to do so but yet he says he is NOT responsible for my vehicle.? Come to find out some of the cars that were at harrys ended up at other car dealers places and was reported stolen. We contacted The better buisness bureau of Repairs and they are doing a full blown investigation. I was told the BBR froze all assets of the land owner. I know deep down I dont have a leg to stand on. And I just threw 6,0000 down the drain. But maybe this will help others dont let this happen to you. The only insurance I had was pl/pd and then it ran out 1 month before this happened. Police officers stated this was a chop shop. Bottom line. Josephine Bakersfield, California

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