Complaint: Hi there I am sorry to here that you also got scammed I to checked my checking account this morning to 99$ missing called the # and what do you know if you are calling about the 99$ with drawn from your account please call this # 1-866-894-1964 after trying that (what a joke) I spent about five min getting angry then I thought about it. so I started printing out copies of this site and there reports took the straight to the bank the bank made severall calls and one hour later I had both my 199$ and 99$ placed back in my account the bank assighned me a new account at no charge and I am done with them hehehehehehe. THANK YOU Ripoff Scams. Scott Camby, Indiana

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Address: 666 NE. 125th ste 246 & 4618 N. hale ave. ste 102 Miami, Tampa, Florida U.S.A.


Phone: 866-411–1092