Complaint: Hartman Rentals returned a call about a duplex rental in Collinsville. The person agreed to meet at 5:30 to show the rental. We showed up at 5:20. It was not an individual showing it was an open house. The girl that was doing the showing specifically told us that the first application in would be the first considered, she also stated that there were not applications in and that We were the first that was being shown. We promptly went home filled out the application and emailed it in. The next morning we called and the very rude person that answered the phone told me that there was an application put in before ours and that even if that one wasn’t approved that there was a walk in person that submitted an application that morning. She clearly was lying and was making things up as she was talking to me. Because everytime I would ask how it was handled she got increasingly rude and then told me to forget about it. It’s rented. Very shady and unprofessional. They lied and if there was a person that submitted that application that morning, it would technically be received after ours since ours was submitted to them by email the night before. The person that answered the phone was so ignorant and rude and not very smart. It is sad that they will give anyone a real estate license, I would hope they would require some type of intelligence. This is the kind of shady business practices and rude people that give Collinsville a bad reputation. Clearly someone inside this flim flam company rented this unit to one of their friends or family members in which case why show it in the first place.

Tags: Realtors

Address: 2505 Vandalia Collinsville, Illinois USA


Phone: 618-344-7900