I’m reporting online employment fraud.They list the job as a legitimate offer, but purposefully reject applicants in order to sell them an online course. They give purposefully conflicting instructions for a skills test. They claim they want a "3D rendering," with "for realistic architectural features, no hard edges, completed finishes, detailed styling, and accurate perspective;" however, when I provided appropriate, industry standard work, they rejected my application along with an email that said:“After reviewing this project, our Design team doesn’t feel that your rendering skills are quite where we need them to be to get you started. I’ve included a few resources below for training and to help you better understand what we’re looking for.Resources:The Design Cure – Free & Paid Photoshop training for Interior Designers (For any paid training courses, you can use code: havenlydesign for 10% off)”The paid course is $500. It is clear they are rejecting candidates initially so that they can get people to pay for the course, which is totally unnecessary. The sample images they say they wanted my images to look like are 2D, very amateurish, against industry standards, against the instructions they provide, and are of a much poorer quality than the work I submitted.