Complaint: If Havertys pay policies came into the 21st Century, you could tolerate working there. However, pay policy remains in the 19th Century when the Company was founded. Oh, there is a written policy governing commission payment, but if you do not sign it, you get no pay. You are forced and coerced to sign a policy dictated by some dim-wit manager. I have been fleeced for $750 in commissions due to these archaic and ticky-tack rules. Yes, Havertys could make exceptions to the rules if the sales consultant has no control over the delivery situation; they simply will not do it. Havertys is so stubborn that hurting employees is more important and easier. I guess they will use my money to pad their bonus check. Why would you buy from Havertys when they find ways not pay their people?

Tags: Employers

Address: 780 Johnson Ferry Rd NE Atlanta, Georgia United States


Phone: 404-443-2900