In 2005 I purchased a three piece entertainment center. For four years I used all three pieces put together. In 2009 I moved and separated the three pieces. nI put the two side pieces together for the first time and set the center TV portion of the entertainment center separate from the side sections. I was stunned to see two different looking sections (one much darker than the other) side by side. The darker section has a different door style as well — similar, but the dark section has a deeper cut door. nWhen they were on each side of the center section, they were both a little different color than the center section, but I thought they were supposed to be that way and room shadows always play a part. nIt wasn’t until I separated the three pieces recently that I was shocked to see such a big difference. Now I realize I have a totally mismatched unit. It looks terrible and I do not have the room in this house to put all three sections back together. nHaverty’s made a sloppy, totally wrong match of the furniture. It makes me wonder who has the other mismatched sections of their unit. And I’m angry!! nJ.D.nFort Pierce, FloridaU.S.A.

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