Complaint: My son took his 1992 Mercury Cougar in for service. We had to pay $50.00 up front just to get the car towed there. The lady that wrote the repair order up said that it would be $%68.00 to diagnose the problem and they would call us as soon as they determined what the problem was. A week went by without a call from Hayes. We had to call them. After a weeks time we went to get the car, but to our amazement found out that there was a $15.00 a day storage fee backdated to the day we dropped the car off and they still did not have a diagnosis for the problem, but they would be willing to open the engine up and see if we brought in another $350.00. When my son spoke to the owner, he said that he would call the police if he got loud or started cursing. My son was seated the entire time, never once raising his voice. This was confirmed by the lady who works behind the counter. He further went on to say that “you people”” are always causing trouble. I am a pastor of a church

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Address: and certainly have no problem paying for someone who takes care of my son while he is at college. Hayes Auto seems determined to take advantage of minorities

Website: (734) 485-3606

Phone: lumping each and every one of us as troublemakers.”