Complaint: I was traveling in Kingsport on Business in August 2001. My Jeep Cherokee’s driver side rear tire has a slow leak and I knew I needed to get my tires replaced. While in Kingsport my tire went flat. A collegue of mine suggested the tire store his family always used when they needed new tires. I went to the store and they told me they would be putting Bridgestone tires on the Jeep (money was not a consideration). I really wanted Michelins, but I was in a pinch. I went back to pick up the Jeep that afternoon and the guy behind the counter said they did not have any Bridgstones so they put Kelley tires on without calling me or asking my opinion. It was 5:30 in the evening and I had to travel back to Knoxville (120 Miles) so I left begrudgingly with the Kelley tires. I noticed on the drive home the tires had a good amount of road noise. Then a few days later I also noticed that my Jeep was driving kind of strange. I took it to my regular tire store and they informed me that the tires on my Jeep were not even Kelley brand. They were some no name brand of tire and I had (3).. yes (3) different sized tires on my vehicle. My tire store then told me how dangerous this is and it is a wonder I was not involved in an accident. I have a 22 month old daughter that is in my Jeep everyday of the week. It infuriated me that this tire store had put my daughter’s safety in jeopardy because of their unsavory business practices. The other piece of the story is I am a woman. I am so tired of getting screwed at automotive and repair shops because of my gender.

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Address: 2101 W. Stone Drive Kingsport, Tennessee U.S.A.


Phone: 423-245-1451