Late night T.V. ad selling HD wraparound aviator sun glasses for $10.00 (get 2nd pair free) plus shipping. Gave (800) 940-4412 to call and place your order, all the time trying to sell you something else. I kept saying “no””. Gave them a credit card number

but they never gave a total and still trying to sell something else. When the shipment was received with a packing slip

the glasses were $10.00 each for 2 different styles (4 pair of glasses) and a shipping charge of $27.96 for a small lightweight packing box. Included was a return label attached to the packing slip. I immediately contacted my credit card company and put a stop-payment order for this rip-off amount. These type of rip-offs are quite prevalent and making millions without giving you much prosecuting information. Once your on the line

they just keep trying to sell you something else without let-up until you hang up.”

10303 Norris Ave., Internet United States of America