I dropped off 10 shirts and 1 jacket to be embroidered with my company’s logo. It took one week longer than promised and the logo was not sewn correctly, in some cases, not even close. (See the images on facebook) I paid to have my logo digitized and embroidered on 10 shirts and one jacket. After more than a week after they were promised, I finally received them. The quality of the embroidery is substandard. Each and every article was sewn incorrectly. The borders do not match the solid interior colors. One shirt even has a large hole in the middle of the logo. I attempted to resolve this with the store manager, but his offer was only to patch the garments. Because these shirts are ruined, the only acceptable solution is to replace the garments, refund my money and I’ll find another company that is honest and reputable. Because this company is anything but. Whatever you do, do not do business with headz n threadz. They do not care about their customers and they do not stand behind their work.

2495 St. Louis Galleria St. Louis, Missouri United States of America



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