The scammer asked about health insurance and if the I was wearing socks. They have been relentlessly calling 20+ times per day asking for "Doreen" but keep calling back even if told it is a wrong number.*I called the 920-659-7883 number several times. Each time, there are a lot of voices (phone bank) talking and laughing loudly. When I asked what I reached I was told it is the registration for the "Health Insurance Enrollment Center" and when I asked where it is located – it appears to have a WI phone number but is spoofed – I was hung up on. When I called right back, I got a recording saying I reached "SPI Holdings." When I called a third time a girl answered (again, a lot of loud talking and laughing in the background. Very unprofessional) and when I asked where they were located she said "we’re nationwide, ma’am." I again asked where "Health Insurance Enrollment Center" is located and she said "Florida." I asked if she could give me an address and she said "absolutely not!" I said "shame on you" and hung up.