Trying to sell cures for cancer and other diseases via the Bible.


My Complaint: I must have sit and watched this presentation for 20 minutes or more and he keeps bringing up different things from the Bible that will cure just about every disease possible. He claims frankincense cures joint pain and arthritis, Crown of Thorns, will cure heart attacks, strokes and other heart diseases (this comes from the plant that was used as Jesus’ crown). He says that olive oil keeps you young, and there’s a plant mentioned in Exodus that he says will cause dramatic weight loss. But all you have to do is buy his book (and get the other one free) and it will tell you how to achieve all these cures. He also said that NSAIDs kill 16,000 people a year and this is why we should use his cure for everything that ails us.


My Demand: Get him and people like him off the internet. Old people and sick people are suseptable to this kind of ads.