Complaint: Honest Engines and Transmissions is just another fly by night internet scam preying on the needs of unsuspecting marks. I went to their internet site to see if they had a used engine for my car, a message came up saying that they did and that I should call for more info- WARNING- you can put ANY make and model in their search box and the same message will come up, it is not a real search. When I called in to get a quote, I was told they had the engine and they quoted me $1200. That sounded ok so I told them that I wanted it. They took my credit card info and said that it would arrive in 3-4 days. 3 weeks later, numerous phone calls, usually I would get put on hold then disconnected, or I would leave a message and NEVER get a returned call, my engine still had not arrived. I was finally told that there was a problem with the engine but they had another comparable one they could send me but it would cost me $1650! $450 more….Bait & Switch! I told them that was unethical and that they should give me the engine for the same cost as the original one. They said absolutely not, so I requested that they refund my credit card. Two weeks later…credit card still not refunded, getting a lot of runaround excuses. I reported the incident to my credit card company and they credited me back after some time. Brad Rosenthal and Sam Rosenthal (Brad’s dad) are owners of this company. They are both very sleazy and only care about trying to make the quick buck. This company apparently is only a few months old and comprised of ex-employees of another similar company that made as much as they could selling used engines and then got shut down ( Who knows how many other companies they did the same thing with. Also, if you read another Ripoff Scams on this company, you will see that someone named Stephanie, who owns the domain name for the company, claims that she has no affiliation with the company and just did a little work for them. She neglects to mention that she lives at the same residence as Brad (according to the domain registration), the owner, as well. You’ll also see a testimonial from her…of course. Stay away from this company, there are a lot of reputable companies out there to do business with. Dr. Goldblum Nashville, TennesseeU.S.A.

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