Bought 2 Heat-N-Glo gas fireplaces in 2004. The knob on the gas valve is cheapest plastic and disintegrates after approx 6 years. Item is probably worth $ 1. When the knob broke in my hand I called Heat-N-Glo. They referred me to the dealer. The dealer did not have the part and could not get it. Called Heat-n-Gu00f6o again. They said I can buy the knob in any hardware store. Checked all stores.Nobody knew how to get that knob. Asked Heat-N-Glo which hardware store and which part number to get. The answer was that I have to buy the whole gas valve for $ 200 to get the knob worth $ 1. It is a knob that is attached to the valve with a simple screw. But they are not interested in stocking and supplying this sparepart. Who wants to buy a built in fireplace, when he has to throw it away, when a knob disintegrates? Does somebody change the car when a light bulb burns out? The disregard for customer care is beyond my comprehension.

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