My fiancĂ© David and I met in 2007. He was in the army and stationed at Fort Campbell. I moved in with him and his kids. I lived the army life with him. I found out he was separated from his wife and I helped him to get a divorce (they were separated before I met him). In a matter of months I had moved from Tennessee to Kentucky, then Michigan, then South Carolina, then finally Georgia, to be with this man. When we finally got to Fort Benning it was March of 2008. We had plans of getting married; we just didn’t have a date set. A few weeks before getting married our new neighbors moved in, Heather and Mike and their three kids. Heather and I became instant best friends. We talked all the time, about everything! I was so happy to have someone since I was so far from my family and friends. We’d have cookouts and pool parties. Our families would do everything together. David and I decided to drive into Columbus April 18, 2008 and get married. Heather was so happy for us! She even watched the kids so we could go to Atlanta for a honeymoon. || Shortly after getting married I noticed that David and Heather spent an awful lot of time talking without me or Mike around. I was bothered by this. I eventually called them out on it and asked David if he was cheating on me. He said no and for a while things seemed to cool off between them. Over the next couple of months Heather would ask me really personal questions about myself and David. She wanted to know intimate details of our sex life. This should have been a red flag but I figured that’s just what girls talked about. In July 2008 I went to Pennsylvania for a week to visit family. David couldn’t go because he had to work. It was summertime but for some reason he didn’t want his kids to go with me. So I went alone. David and I cried like babies when I left. We talked every day that I was in PA. I talked to Heather every day, too. On the third day I was gone David lied to me about what time he’d gotten off work. It wouldn’t have been a big deal but he had never lied to me before (that I knew of). He said he didn’t want me to be mad that he hadn’t called or text me all day. Somehow the conversation turned to him saying he wasn’t sure if he loved me and he wasn’t sure if he wanted to be married to me. This broke my heart. After several hours of conversation he told me he was just having a bad day and everything was ok. He told me to enjoy the rest of the week with my family and he would see me when I got back. I couldn’t shake the feeling that something was going on. I decided to go home early and find out what my husband was up to. That night I left PA and headed for GA. I never told David I was headed home. I wanted to surprise him. And I did. He and the kids were at Mike and Heather’s when I pulled up. I had never seen David so pissed. I asked him if we could talk so we went into our house. He told me he had all this stuff going on in his life and he just couldn’t be married right now. He wanted me to leave and go back to Tennessee. He went next door and spent the night. The next day Heather came over to talk to me. I asked her to her face if she was having an affair with my husband. She said no. She had been with her husband for 15 years and they had 3 kids and she’d never do that to Mike or me. I knew in my gut she was lying. I told her I wanted to see my step kids so she had them come over. David came over a few minutes later, pissed. He said I couldn’t see his kids unless he or Heather was there with me. He took the kids and left. Heather came back over and told me I should go to TN for a few weeks and give David time to figure out what he wanted. Hoping I was wrong about them I went. || A few days later I hacked into David’s MySpace account and email. I was shocked at everything I found. Indeed, David and Heather were having an affair. They laughed at me for being so stupid. They made fun of me for crying and wanting to be back with my husband. Everything that David had ever said to me, he was now saying to her. He loved her and he needed her and she was what he had been looking for his whole life, etc. There was even messages about the crazy sex they were having. Heather had even made a fake myspace and added David to try and throw me off. They thought I didn’t know it was them. I found out they had been having an affair pretty much since we had gotten married. So I decided to go to GA and get more of my stuff. David refused to be anywhere near me unless Heather was with him. I stayed one night and left. As soon as I got back to TN Mike called me and told me that Heather was living with David and I needed to come catch them. I was still hacking into David’s email and MySpace and seeing all these loving messages between them. || After a third trip to GA to get the rest of my things I found out that Heather and my husband were expecting a baby. At this point I started the process of getting divorced. Once I told David what I knew he became ashamed. All of a sudden he loved me and wanted to work things out but he couldn’t because then Heather would take their baby away. He’d call me and text me every day, wanting to have phone sex and just talk. I went along with it. When David was sent overseas he’d email me and cam with me. I always took screen shots. For a year I kept everything before sending it to Heather, who was now his wife. She was heartbroken and threatened if he ever spoke to me again she would leave him. So I kept it up for 2 more years!! Once I had a good amount of evidence I sent it to Heather again. She didn’t leave him but I never heard from David ever again. Maybe I’m the home wrecker but I feel like I gave her what she deserved.