I had seen the woman on occasion on Facebook and at a bar because she was supposedly my husband’s friend’s girlfriend or girl he slept with. So I was 7 months pregnant in the beginning of October 2011 and my husband and I went out for a birthday party and long behold she came with his friend. I never liked her or spoke to her because I knew she was a whore. Oh I always caught her staring at him also. Well one night he didn’t come in until 6 am. He had a story. Some months passed and my little brother finally told me that night a girl waiting for his friend kept following them from bar to bar. I went through phone records on that day and called a number that was on there for 2am. It was her. In the morning I received a text saying asshole why’d u call so late!  I called her back and initially she said ask him but after calling her a whore for a while she finally admitted she slept with him and tried to be friendly. She admitted to three times but I believe more although he only admitted to one time. I found another cell number where she was constantly calling that number. She said I thought you guys were only together not married. Um does that really matter?  So I emailed her mother on Facebook and told her about her daughters whoring ways. Every time my husband and I go out she pops up. No self-respect. Who openly submits to a married man? Why would you even want to be in his wife’s presence?