This south Tampa drop queen comes off as sweet and innocent as she looks, but deep down she’s more shady than an oak tree. About 20 years ago she briefly dated a boy in elementary school and since then has spent the years chasing that same guy, who has literally wanted nothing to do with her since the 4th grade. She has stalked him at work and created numerous false facebook accounts to reach out to him. Currently he is engaged to a good friend and they are expecting a baby by the end of the year. Since learning this news heather the homewrecker has sent messages to this guy saying she will wait forever for him and that she doesn’t believe it will last because she loves him so much, begging for another chance and begging the guy to convince his fiancee to abort their baby. She has also had her best friend threaten this guys fiancee numerous time via facebook messenger they have showed up at their known hangouts trying to fight this mans fiancee during her pregnancy and drives by their residence daily. The police have done nothing to help my friends because they have not caught her stalking them, so I feel like putting heathers shady motives out there in public may help my friends find peace and she will just disappear from embarassment. After all she does have 3 kids by 3 different men that will appriciate her time and attention more than her childhood crush ever will. Silly homewrecker.