I saw this lady on our local TV promoting her product so I ordered her sample tube. The package took forever and came from an address in Boulder City. I tried her bath bombs, which stained my tub and are nothing compared to LUSH, I moved on to the soap. Don’t know what she uses because she doesn’t list ingredients but my skin started to develop a rash. When I contacted her to let her know my disappointment I realized I was dealing with the Exorcist. She was very rude and threatening. When I asked for her ingredients she threated that she didn’t have to release them and that I would try to steal her formulas. I tried to reason with her because I love luxury bath products and all my products are top of the line from retailers like LUSH or soaps from Wholefoods and I don’t understand if her’s are organic, as she claims, that I would break out in a rash. It was like speaking to a brick wall, she told me how she was a mafia princess and mob related and how she would ruin my life just like anyone who spoke against her. I ended the conversation and threw all of her products away. I decided to research Heather Marianna and boy was I shocked to find out that my gut feelings were correct. She is not what she claims to be. Besides ripping me off she has a history of attacking people to speak out against her and her phony products. First thing I found out is her history in Indiana. But then she was going by Heather Dill. She ran a model agency that ripped off the models and from an ex-model I spoke to “was putting the money up her nose””. You can search for Heather Dill on Rip off report to get exact information. Then I found Gia Morgan

who I was told became Heather’s escort name. Boy was I shocked!!! She claims to inherit all this money from her grandmother but was an escort! My mind was blown especially when I was told the reason she has no Business License is because of her arrest record for commercial sex and I was given her case numbers. Case 07-0060116-0000 is just 1 of 4. I didn’t look more on this because that is just the lowest form of filth. You can contact the Indiana courts to research the case. She claims to have degrees from University of Indianapolis but they have no record of her degree or master’s degree. Another fabrication of her life? Would really like to see a copy of her transcripts because anyone can make a degree online. She did have a dog store. That is true! But if failed

I spoke to her business partner

Andrew and he confirm the information in Indiana and gave me the whole story of her new Las Vegas life. She states she moved to Las Vegas for a consulting firm but after all I heard I would like for her to prove it. Heather Marianna does not have a business license to run her beauty kitchen line

her bath bombs are ordered somewhere in Montana and are not organic