Complaint: This address 12645 South East Salmon Court, Portland, Oregon 97233. is owned and operated by Connie Chaos and Hector Ramirez. They are operating an exsort and sex services for postitutes using these names and phone numbers: 503-252-3057, 503-286-1539, 503-761-7129, 503-262-0384. Names used by the postitutes who operate out of this home: Evette, Malaya, Ginger Lee, Natasha, Kimberly. The pimps names used at this address for these prostitutes are: Hector, Lorenzo, Carlos, Eric and Pablo all USING the last name Ramirez. The prostitutes are using both Chaos or Ramirez as needed. These people have ruined the neighborhood since moving in around 20008. First it started with loud parties, then over the years has accelerated to heavy car, “vistors”” traffic

Tags: Rotten Neighbors

Address: public fights

Website: mowing lawns

Phone: property tresspassing and “”peeping Tom”” stunts and property left outdoors mysteriously ‘lifted”” by the males connected to this house. The women are vulgar and ghetto flipping other neighbors off