Complaint: By far the most over rated restaurant in the city. I travel from city to city due to business and have been fortunate enough to dine in some of the most distiguished restaurants in the country and I have to say that I had the worst experience @ Hectors. The staff doesn’t really know what they are serving, their representation of Southern Cuisine was poor at best, and worst of all, Hector (the owner) has no clue about what service is. If you ask a customer if everything is alright and the customer responds that something is undercooked, you don’t respond by saying, “Oh

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Address: that’s the way we cook it here”” and walk away. Next time

Website: I will go out of my way to tell everyone I know in the Park Cities

Phone: try to find out what the customer wants and fix the problem! And to charge triple the price for a dessert that was meant to be a simple cake