Do not allow your children to buy games, cards from Ed Lee. He goes to another store to purchase his stock and jacks up the prices. Plus he over charges young children more than adults for cards, games, toys, tshirts and threatens the kids when they complain. He has threaten kids who dare complained about how he treats them and has made a policy of holding bookbags with the kids deck cards in them and when they are returned cards are missing and when the children come in with their parents to complain he becomes abusive and starts cursing and making threats. He has a website where he post all these promises and when you go to the st ore for the deals he jacks up the prices and when you say no thanks I will go elsewhere he becomes abusive calling people motherf-, a-holes and throws them out. He has been charging kids just to walk in the store and if you dare complain he threatens to kick you out. If you dare say you went to another store to buy a yu-gi-oh card at a cheaper price you are banned from the store for life. He has bragged how he cheaps little kids who come in to buy cards and gives them used cards overprice and tells them they are new. Ed Lee is a schemer, liar and he thinks that his store is the best. If you dare express any views you are cursed and throw out and we are talking about young children ages 8 and ten. When the parents go in there and complain he threatens them to call the police and get his lawyer to sue. Sue for what telling the truth. His store is not good and alot of people have left. He claims to have a championship team of card players to compete with other teams and threatens them if they dont do what he says and cheat. He is a liar do not allow your children to purchase things from him. Alot of what he is selling is not only overprice but not new and fakes. He brags how he takes advantage of the young children who dont know they are getting fakes and pay double the price for garbage. I have not allowed mychildren to go there or buy anything from him once I knew what was happening and when I questioned him he became hostile, cursing making threats and I did tell him I was reporting him to the better business bureu as a fraud. When you advertise you are selling original brand new items and they are fake that is fraud ED LEE bring it on. I will be seeing you in court. nStevenHoward Beach, New YorkU.S.A.

78-14 Roosevelt Ave (superior Pharmacy) Jackson Heights, New York U.S.A.

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