Hey every one it’s me Slade M F, known to my fans as Casey T. I have been in the Adult ENTERTAINMENT business for what seems like forever. I wanted to help future Adult Entertainers and my advice is DON’T WORK FOR HELIX STUDIOS. This company is extremely racist. If your black, go somewhere else. I have heard their majority white staff say n***** several times. They crack black jokes all the time, particularly the one about the slaves and the slave owners and the slaves lips. They lie to all new models. Stay out of Keith’s office too. If Keith trys to touch your butt just slap him. The Miller family is Creepy. Especially the handicapped one. If Keith or anyone from Helix threatens you, just laugh. There scared of their own shadow, especially Max Carter. Oh, dont get sucked into the charisma of Kyle and Max, who are two of the most racist, hypocrital, and bipolar individuals I know. There relationship is a joke. If Kyle and Max dont like you, they will bad mouth you because their insecure, weak, and come from a dysfunctional home, Like I do. Also, if djohns messages you on twitter, block her. She is a snitch and will tell everything about you to strangers like she did Andy Taylor, who really dont trust her. And neither do I. Keith pays people money under the table, which is illegal. Kyle and Max know all about that. I think Kyle started in business at 17. I’m not that impressed. Drugs have been sold at this place numerous times. I’m surprised the police haven’t kicked in their door. This place is poorly ran. Keith Miller is a complete slimeball and pig. Pervert even. I regret ever working for him. Slade M F

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