Complaint: telling us we did not have to pay anything else, but when the engineer was booked and came to install it on the wall we chose they said they could not have it there we had to have it on this wall with the flute going out of the side wall. so he measured it up all was ok, then when the installation was done we had no room to put back our tall fridge freezer they just shrugged there shoulders, we had no where to move the freezer at the time after they left, so my husband had no choice but to cut the top of the freezer of for it to fit under boiler, which means then we cannot top up the water on the boiler or anything, I reported this several times to help link or shall I say not so helpfull at all. when I rang to book my service they told me I had not been paying the u00a37.50 a month to cover services which we were not told about, so I set up direct debit for this and when the engineer came today 16/5/14 to service it he sais sorry cannot service this it is been installed illegally. I contacted helplink again spoke to the manager darren phillips who said he would come and assess the situation next weds 21/5/14, however we are having a new kithen installed causing problems they cannot move the boiler urgently so this can go ahead, surely we should be compensated in some way for this mis treatment.

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