If you do not want it to be burned on the ground, please do not hire Hemattie Devanan (from Maspeth Queens, New York). she is a descendant of the Middle East with his relatives in New Jersey. While working with Hemattie Devanan, I actually thought it would be fine, but it never happened. she shouted at people, cursed them, and made them sell to customers like water from the fridge.

If you drop what needs to be offered to customers, it will still lift you off the ground. If you follow the rules that focus on your budget, Hemattie Devanan can send you home. It is as strict as Hemattie Devanan did to have an excuse to discuss or yell at. Hemattie Devanan certainly seems to have other support managers when giving attitude, and when this employee complains, she will have other support shift managers to make innocent employees like me look bad.

Hemattie does not sympathize with Devanan Employees. Hemattie Devanan was never a true leader for me as it should be. It discourages people and increases hostility even more. Hemattie Devanan is not aware that the way she interacts with people encourages giving up and also promoting fire. Hemattie Devanan exists only for money, not for the people she runs.

A few years ago, when making complaints, Hemattie Devanan always tried to suspend me because of complaints. All I did was to reveal real problems with their behavior as described above. Hemattie Devanan will not even notice what she did wrong. The way she tortured people here was wrong, and Hemattie Devanan would have further encouraged it. I am worried that she will note this as a loss for stealing and more excuses. Hemattie Devanan swearing and yelling at people was caught on camera. The management did not do much.

Regardless of how she treated people, I was still kind to her, and I did the best I could. I have followed the rules in the best way.

Hemattie Devanan and other executives seem to support each other when employees complain. They really despise their employees. It is better for Hemattie Devanan to learn to treat others equally.

I have no choice but to raise concerns about Hemattie Devanan here in order to further uncover the potential problems that may be caused by other organizations. Hemattie Devanan never positively motivates employees. Hemattie Devanan never cared about the people who needed to encourage and motivate. she only cares about their salaries and bonuses and nothing else.

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