I use herbs such as Black Cohash for hot flashes, and other herbs for my cholesterol, and my daughter who is terminal from thousands of tumors throughout her body, there are herbs I use to help with her pain as her tumors grow on the nerve endings and as the Oncologist has told me, she has the worst case ever seen, and what she is suffering from and dying from is the most painful illness she could ever get. These people need to go to jail for a long time for screwing over all these people. For what they did to a terminal 19 year old who has never known life without these tumors… I give it over to a higher power to be judged. It’s not my place to say they deserve to burn in hell nor do I wish to make that choice. Let the powers that be punish them for screwing over a terminal child. I will help any police, lawyers, etc go after these people. Just contact me.

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