Complaint: Herbert Silver, the person that offers a room to rent in his house, is financially, emotionally, and mentally unstable and unreliable about the utilities. Herbert Silver is extremely dishonest and does not maintain employment for any period of time. Herbert Silver has been fired from several jobs due to his reckless and drunk driving, and will consenquently raise the rent, even though I had not even occupied the room for 6 months. There were a couple of incidents where the utilities was cut off (water and electricity) due to his non payment, regardless of the timely manner that the rent was paid for usage of the room. Herbert Silver was on mood altering medications and drinking at the time that generated violent behavior when approached and inquired about as to when the utilities will resume. I have paid for a month in advance and simply wanted to move out at that point. When I asked Herbert Silver for the money back for the forthcoming month that I had already paid for in advance, he resorted to becoming belligerent and verbally abusive. At that point I just hastily gathered my possessions and left the house. I definitely do not recommend renting a room from this individual!

Tags: Landlords

Address: 1753 Moonstone Drive Virginia Beach, Virginia United States of America