I was in Todos Santos Mexico on December 11, 2013 on a tour, with Esperanza tours, the guide’s name was Raphael, he steered us to a jewlery store Hernandez Gold Factory near the Hotel California and just behind the restaurant Tequila Sunrise where we had a lovley lunch. At Hernandez Gold Factory I bought a fire opal ring. When I wore it back in NY the stone fell out of the setting the first day I put it on. When I took it to be reset the jeweler said it was a synthetic man made stone, not a genuine fire opal. I had paid $400 for it. The stone was too large for the setting and the prongs didn’t fit so Hernandez Gold Factory had glued it in. I had seen it as a prendant but wanted a ring and they were so eager to sell it they just rigged it the best they could to make the sale. I then took it to another appraiser in NY who confirmed it was a fake worth about $50 tops. I have emailed Esperanza tours as I feel that Raphael was unethical and took a fee for steering us there. He shouldnt be allowed to coninute to do this. I am waiting to hear back from the tour company. I haven’t called my credit card company yet, but I will. I dont have an address or any contact info for Hernandez Gold Factory. When I googled Hernadez Gold Factory a compaint on this site came up, so obvioulsy I am not the first person to be ripped off by Hernandez Gold Factory.

La Paz, Select State/Province Mexico

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