I was at the mall today returning a swim suit to a store, and walked past a Valectric, The New Evolution stand. The guy at the stand came up to me and started touching my hair saying how beautiful it was, but that he could tell I died it, and he had a cream that would make it soft. I let him put a sample in my hair, figuring that couldn’t hurt any, and then told him I had to go. He insisted I stay seated as he straightened my already straightened hair. I could tell he wasn’t going to take no for an answer, so I decided I would let him give his sales pitch, and politely decline. Once he straightened my hair with the cream, it was so soft and felt amazing. I needed a new hair straightener, and I asked how much, thinking it’d be $40 at most. He said it was $230, but he would include the cream for only $15. I politely declined and told him I didn’t have that kind of money, so he said he would give me the straightener and cream for $100 even. I thought that was a pretty good deal for such a nice straightener, so I said I would think about it after returning my swim suit. He then pulled out a smaller hair straightener that was a different style, and said that it was a $300 value, and that he would give me it and the cream for $110. Convinced from my soft hair, I agreed. With tax and everything, it came out to $117. I went home with my new straightener, really excited to try it out. I did exactly what the guy did at the mall, with the cream and everything. My hair came out worse, and more damaged than I had ever seen it. I then looked up the brand of hair straightener I just bought for $117, and I found the exact same one is selling online for $10, and that it also got terrible reviews. I went to take it back, since I had just barely boughten it, and no where did the guy say there would be no returns, but he refused to take it back. I just paid $117, to make my hair worse off than before. I am very insecure about my hair, and $117 is a lot for my age. I am 17, so I have to work really hard to get that kind of money, and the guy who sold it to me knew I was that young too. I feel so dumb for falling into such a scam, but I’m wondering if there is anything I can do at all to get my money back. I feel so scammed, and it breaks my heart that I just threw away my hard earned money to a fraud. If you took the time to read all of that, thank you. If there is anything, anyone thinks they can do, please dont hesitate to reach out. I am really upset about this whole thing. .

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