Complaint: In July, 2002, I rented a car from the Hertz agency in Duluth, MN. I filled the car up with gas before I retured it at a gas station located within ten miles of the agency. Later I received a notice from the company that they were charging my credit card $6.71 for a refuling charge. I wrote them saying it had to be a mistake since I filled the tank up before I returned it. They replied stating, “After return

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Address: every vehicle is brought to our gas pump regardless of whether or not the gas guage shows “”Full.”” ….If a vehicle accepts more than one gallon

Website: Arizona”

Phone: the charges are corrected….After return your rental accepted 1.4 gallons.”” Since the car “”accepted”” 1.4 gallons I was charged $4.79 a gallon for a total of $6.71. How can a customer rely on anything but what the fuel gauge reads when renting or returning a car. I had no way of knowing if the car would have “”accepted”” a gallon or more of fuel when I received it. I had to rely on the gauge. When I returned it I pumped gas until the pump shut off as the pumps recommed you do. I didn’t try to “”top it off””. Under the policy they applied