Yesterday – 29th August 2012 I placed an order via the web to HP for a “HP – TopShot LaserJet Pro M275 Network-Ready Wireless All-in-one Printer””. The order was placed from an overseas location but all transactions

including delivery was to be in the U. S. A. I had earlier received an advertisement from HP advising of the availability of the item. The item was advertised at $399.00 and was subject to a $75.00 discount. Total cost plus tas was $324.00 I completed the order giving all relevent information as requested including my credit card number

security number

billing address and shipping address. My credit card is issued by a Bank in the USA. Both addresses were the same. After completing the order I was advised by HP that the order was declined. My credit card was valid for a substantial amount more than the cost of the order. I called the information number that was given to me – 888 445 0112 and was advised that the order was refused as the order was submitted from overseas even though all other transactions were for Florida. I spoke first to “”Michael”” who transferred me to “”Jack”” and I received no satisfaction. My demand with HP was that heir advertisement did not indicate that orders could not be received from my overseas location even though my credit card and mailing and shipping address was in Florida and that they had forced me to purchase the very same item from another supplier and had lost te $75.00 discount that was advertised by HP. I expected that HP would either goive me a credit for $75.00 for a future purchase directly from them

or contact and authorise my supplier to offer the same price or to credit my card account with $75.00. I think that my claim and complaint is reasonable.”