I ordered a dishwasher on the company’s website on Nov. 28, 2011, and prepaid for delivery and a service agreement. The order confirmation email said a representative would call me to arrange delivery and installation. After two emails to them and two attempts to reach them by phone, I still had not heard from them by December 5th, so I called them again that day, and waited a half hour to finally talk to a customer rep. nI arranged for a delivery and installation date of December 10th (a Saturday). The rep told me that Maryland code requires that a plumber do the installation, and I asked if the delivery and installation was going to be by the same company. She said ‘yes.’ nThe installer called me Friday night (the 9th) and said the delivery was by another company, not his, and his plumber would be at my house on Saturday the 10th between 10a and 1p. Of course I couldn’t reach HH Gregg by this point as they have limited customer service hours. nYou guessed it – the installer showed up but the dishwasher never did, and not a word was heard from HH Gregg. So I called the company this morning (Dec. 12th) and was told delivery was set for Tuesday Dec. 13th!! The rep had no idea why HH Gregg would arrange for an installation three days before the appliance was delivered! nSince the company has had my money for two weeks and I couldn’t take the 13th off work, I cancelled the order. It will take 5-7 business days to get my money back but worth it – IF I get my money back in that time. I’m not sanguine that they will handle this any better than the fouled-up delivery.

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