I sold a puppy to Jenifer fletcher spring 2014 on a co own contract. She agreed to all terms via email and i agreed to allow her to make payments on the puppy. total price was $500, she made a $100 payment before pick up and that was the last money I saw from her. The puppy was to be bred once she was old enough to a male agreed upon by both parties. I have stayed in contact with her and was more then understanding about her needing more time to pay her off as she had unexpected vet bills. It was brought to my attention that she didnt have the dog in her possesion in april. I asked her what was going on and she said that she was at a prison being trained. I told her she should have just sent her to me as I do training. and honestly I didnt understand why she hadnt let me know she needed to send her to training, and to send her to a program like that without contacting me seemed fishy. I contacted her last week asking how Ivy was doing and she sent me pictures and told me she was doi

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