Complaint: 1995 Sebring; Nothing But Problems Problems, Problems, and More Problems ….. Where do I begin? I bought my car in 1998 with 47,000 miles on it. For the first year and a half (until my extended warrenty expired) I didn’t have any major problems. Since them my problems have ranged from minor things such as having to put on 7 sets of brakes to more expensive repairs such as transmission work, harmonic balancer replaced, etc. In 2001 I received a recall notice in the mail stating a possible problem with the front ball joint. The problem was that it could break causing a wheel to fall off…and who knows what else. I scheduled an appt. with Hickory Automall Chrysler Plymouth Dodge to have the ball joint(s) inspected. When I picked up my car that afternoon I assumed everything was fine… Until Feb. 14th of this year (2003)–Valentines night. I was driving down the road when all of the sudden I lost control of my car. I couldn’t get it to stop and it was jerking terribly. Once my car finally stopped, I got out to find that my wheel had broke loose. Lucky to be alive, I called a wrecked service to come pick up my car. The next morning I called Hickory Automall and asked them about my recall (when & what was done). They gave me the date and said that everything was replaced that needed to be. (At this point I didn’t tell them what had happened because Hickory Automall is a “little”” hard to deal with and I wanted to have all my facts together before I went any further. I asked them if the ball joints are lifetime parts and they said yes—obviously they were wrong. To make the story short

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Address: I called Chrysler’s headquarters in Michigan and they pulled my car up on the computer

Website: Sonny Hancock

Phone: and Hickory Automall had reported that they inspected the ball joints