High speed solutions Hss) is a company in orlando, florida that installs home theater systems in high end homes along with security cameras, alarm systems and other low voltage electronics along with crestron lighting control systems. The problem with this company is that tracy, the owner does not want to pay overtime to his w-2 employees when they work over 40 hours a week. Most of his w-2 employees are on hourly wages which means when they do work over 40 hours, they are suppose to be paid, according to state and federal law, overtime wages which is time and half. Tracy does not pay overtime. Instead, he claims to put all overtime earned by his w-2 employees into a so called pdo account which is completely illegal. He then claims to pay you for anytime you take off or sick days taken out of this so called pdo account which means paid day off. The problem with this is that you cannot take those days given to you as a paid vacations. He will fire you if you try to take all the days he owes you overtime pay for. You can take some but not all. Again, this is illegal. He also has other people that work for him that he has put on as 1099 subcontracters and will hire over on a w-2 basis if he feels that they are a good fit for his company. I have to say that he is very smart in avoiding to pay out more of his money but at the same time completely illegal and unethical. What needs to happen is tracy needs to be sued by one or more of his w-2 employees for upaid overtime wages. He does give xmas cash bonuses as well based on performance but this is not for overtime wages unpaid. A bonus is a bonus and has nothing to do with upaid overtime wages. I overheard 2 of his w-2 employees complaining about not getting paid overtime. One of lead wire techs was one of them who has been with the company a few years now. If anyone approaches tracy about wanting to be paid overtime, he automatically threatens to fire them. Since jobs are hard to find these days no one fights it. | Tracy also does not compensate his w-2 or subcontractors for drive time for bringing the vans back to the shop. He only pays you for the drive to the job site and not for the drive back to the office even if it’s an hour or more in drive time. A person is working for a company when they are driving a company vehicle even when they are driving it back to the office to park it. The only time a company should not pay an employee driving a work van or vehicle when leaving a jobsite is when he or she is driving the vehicle directly home and that is also depends on how far the employee or subcontactor has to drive it. Tracy is an illegal operater that needs to be brought to justice due to the actions he commits through his company hss or high speed solutions.

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