Complaint: This company Gathers good reviews and bad reviews on a company. Then contacts the company and says, “If you would like to have a good review on our website pay us $120

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Address: 000 a year

Website: a parasite to legitimate Business all over the internet.”

Phone: If you don’t we will show mainly negative reviews for your company.”” I would personally call this behavior “”Extortion”” The US Government in its infinite wisdom has declared business’ Like these are “”Legal””. So all I can do is try to bring awareness to the fact this site is not looking to provide anyone with the truth of what people actually think of a business. is nothing more Than a scam. They prey on the fact people Have no idea who to trust when it comes to internet companies. Unwitting people see a site offering them advice and not asking for money so obviously they are trustworthy right…? No in fact its just how innocent they appear to be which makes them even more sinister. They hide behind the guise of an all knowing internet god when in reality they just pad companies ratings that pay them