I have stayed at Hilton Garden Inn hotels across the country and this is by far the worse experience. My stay was so bad, I am filing a complaint with the Civil Rights Division of the US Department of Justice. It is against the law to discriminate against an individual in public accommodations and on the basis of race.I checked in, ordered dinner and was enjoying my stay when the cable/satellite tv went out in the room. I called the front desk and a non-English speaking individual who was later identified as the night auditor (RJ) answered the telephone with the worst attitude problem. This person began yelling at me in a Hindu Indian accent, refused to listen to me and eventually handed the telephone to another employee. All of this over a simple question. When the other worker came onto the line, I asked the same simple question about the cable and was immediately verbally attacked and cursed out by Lisa. Lisa told me to get the f*** out of HER hotel and said that if I am going to cause problem that she will call the police to have me escorted from the premises. Obviously, Lisa has a problem with certain people in society. However, I cannot and will not tolerate verbal abuse or disparaging treatment from anyone especially those who work with the public. It is clear that not everyone is welcome at the HGI hotel on Miami boulevard in RTP. This employee has a big problem and no business working with the public if she cannot control her temper and treat every paying guest with courtesy and respect. The behavior demonstrated by that employee is the complete antithesis of the mission and values stated by Hilton Worldwide. Lisa is bringing down the curve badly and giving HGI a bad name. Since Lisa refused to send someone to the room to look at the television and offered no other consolation, I pulled the wiring from the back of the television and the cable returned, only to go out again for the remainder of the evening. However, Lisa expected me to sit in the room for four days without television. How is that for customer service? Warning: Not all people of color are not welcome at this HGI. Due to my race, Lisa assumed that I was a trouble-maker. However, she was the problem and the trouble maker. If she had called the police on me for complaining about a television, I would have sued her and HGI/Hilton Worldwide for false arrest. Lisa’s behavior was reprehensible, shameful and completely unacceptable. She is a bully will has met her match. I intend to make this incident a federal case for the next 9 months of this miserable, sick woman’s life.

4620 South Miami Blvd Durham, North Carolina USA