I booked a 4 night stay at the Hilton in Reykjavik , Iceland . I was told by US operator that if I paid for 3 nights I would get the 4th for free, I asked for an email confirmation of that offer but was told that all I had to do was mention the AUTUMN01 code upon arrival in Iceland and the Hilton hotel there would deduct one night from the bill. I trusted Hilton , since I am a Hilton Hhonors member and never had any problems. When I checked in at Hilton KEF or Reykjavik I was told that I had to pay for all 4 nights since they did not know anything about the AUTUMN01 rate of , ” Pay for 3 and get one free “” I complained to the GM Mr Harolldsson but he was trying to tell me that the 3 nights had been spread out over 4

so it looked like I paid for 4 nights but actually only paid for 3 nights . MAKES SENSE ?? not to me . I was pissed and I was lucky that I had sent an email to Hilton Hhonors to inquire about hotel parking facilities and I included a price quote for my 3 nights . It came a few days late

but I have it and I am now paying $433 instead of $ 600. Yes the Hilton tried to ripp me off

for the amount of $ 167 . Beware of “” FREE NIGHTS “” get everything in writing before confirming

they will scam you just to get your money. Also the operator stated that GYM AND SAUNA was available for free