If you currently have a home warranty through HMS (aka-CrossCountry Home warranty), please stop throwing away your money. We have been paying them every month for years through our mortgage companyi. We tried to make a claim almost 2 weeks ago about our air conditioner. They have given us the run around, not caring that we are roasting in our home while the temps outside are in the high 90s! They have repeatedly lied to us, sent out some very shady people that we were forced to use as our repair company, and still have no AC. My husband and I have called them many times and they keep telling us they will get back to us in 24 to 48 hours after our claim is “reviewed””. They even gave us their word


that they would send our claim on emergency status up to their supervisor before the end of the day we should have an answer. We never hear back from them

so we call them after each 48 hour period. They had no problem taking our payments each month

which we now know was money down the drain. PLEASE stay away from this company. They are without integrity to the very core! We finally called out an AC company on our own today