Complaint: About 2 yrs after the shrimp incident i went in with a friend after our gig,they had a good deal for take out, various combination plates for 4-5 bucks,perfect latenight snack!! anyway we went to the counter and ordered our take out food,two coffee’s for the wait. The layout is typical of a 75 seat resturant but this time the place was empty.I’m in ontario canada and the smoking bylaw crap was just starting,so the smoking area was near the door 3 tables, 2 chairs at each. we smoke so we sat at the table closest to the counter. now remember the place is empty except a couple sitting across the room by themselves. A fellow walks in and ask the waitress he needs a table for three. Now this part just floors me!!! the waitress walks up to me and says that i have to move cause this fellow needs the table for 3??????? i ask whats wrong with the table beside me? aren’t there enough empty seats here??? right beside us are 2 empty tables that just need one chair to acompany 3 people??? i could not beleive that this person in the service industry wanted to force me to move in an empty resturant when there were clearly available tables smoking and non-smoking?? i could of had a elephant rodeo in the place!!!! it was that empty anyway i was blown by that request, i went to the washroom came back to my table,mean while my buddy asks her about the move realizing her error she appoligizes to my buddy right in front of me and gives him a free coffee????? what got me was the staff was different, i haven’t been there for a long time so how could it be the shrimp thing?? anyway that was the last straw. working in a local band and working at a large factory gives me access to alot of ears, i told everyone i came in contact with and still do to this day.I cannot for the life of me understand why i was treated that way in that place,never happened anywere else before or since. i even tell other owners about that place they just shake thier head and laugh just like i do now. Any ways if you’ve read both postings the shrimp thing happened first.

Tags: Restaurants

Address: windsor, ontario U.S.A.