Comfort Experts sent me laborers that didn’t speak English to install my 8700.00 30 BTU AC system. The connection to the plenum above the inside unit is starting to fail…it is tape covered with plaster!!! When the weld failed in 2011 they tried to get me to spend $550.00 for the repair on some kind of one price level deal you get if your warranty runs out with them. I tried to keep up the warranty, but it’s funny that it was fine last time they were there. They blamed the dogs for pissing on the pipes, then told me it was a leaky valve. Their own man was a total newbie recently graduated HVAC school. When I called to complain about him not knowing his butt from a hole in the ground the dispatcher Erin told me that he was experienced for over a decade and his tools were only new because they issued the tools new when he joined the company. Finally after much complaining I got 2 supervisors to the house who gave me the $550.00 crap. I ended up asking them to leave after the Supervisor got offended by my pointing out the inconsistencies in the stories, and called in Boyd ac service. That was about 236.00 to re weld and replace the freon alternative. I asked Hobson to refund that money as it was the 2 year old weld from the installation that failed. They said they would take me off their calling list. That was the answer. I reported them to Angie’s List and found that there are a bunch of complaints. They did not respond to A.L. at all. They had an OK BBB report at the time. Now they have an F. I have heard from A.L. that there is some sort of legal battle that happened for this same kind of thing.

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