I booked a large apartment suite for myself, my girlfriend and four of my close friends in Tenerife. We specifically requested this set up to save on the costs of accommodation and because we are all a reasonably quiet bunch. The booking was through Karen Durant because she was full of promises and smiles which I now know to be a pack of festering lies. We booked the accommodation 1 week before departure. Less than 24 hours before we were to catch our flight, Karen had emailed me and then phoned my girlfriend tosay that the hotel we had booked was unable to take us because they had let our room out to another party. She said she would have to find an alternative accommodation at the same value or higher. My girlfriend asked ” what if we don’t like that? Can we get our money back? “”. Karen responded with “” we’ll discuss that after you see the new apartments “”. We arrived at the apartments the next day. Not only did we not get the single property requested

but my friends apartment was on the other side of the complex. Karen said that we would be right beside eachother

this was not the case. The apartments were of inferior quality to what we expected. They were also unsafe smelled very stale. The furniture was very flimsy and I worried that it would simply fall apart if someone touched it. We decided to make the most of it and just get on with the holiday despite our disappointment. We are not the type to complain. On one particular night

my girlfriends bag was stolen with both apartment keys and some cash. We returned to our apartment and informed security of our situation. For no particular reason

they refused to help or to let us into our accommodations until the morning when the other security guard arrived. Our money was in the apartments and we had little choice but to break a window to gain entry into one of the apartments. We paid for the damage in the morning