After giving them $1,498 at a sales presentation at a Holiday Inn (they are not related and even ripped the hotel off), I received nothing. I paid by debit card so I asked my bank to challenge the charge. The company waited until the very last day to respond and presented the bank with a forged document to say that they had given me something for my money. By the time I received this and showed the bank the obviously false content of the document it was too late for the bank to give me my money back. The sales reps gave me two phone numbers for contact – one was bogus and the other one is never answered. I tried calling the company, but they never answer their phone and the web site for their office is bogus. Since they are not licensed by any state I can find, I cannot sue them. I tracked one salesman to Texas, and the other salesman appears to not exist (the one that gave the bogus phone number). The FAX machine they used to correspond with my bank was located in Florida and the credit card processing agent plays dumb. Their home office appears to be a storage building.

4336 sea Mountain Hwy Little River, South Carolina USA


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