Complaint: Navy Veteran’s 100th Birthday Party Ends In Tragedy PLEASE HELP OUR FRIENDS WHO WERE UNFAIRLY FIRED FROM HOLIDAY TOUCH RETIREMENT. What started out as a fun and happy event ended with unexpected and heartbreaking results. William Edwards has been a resident of the Holiday Touch Retirement Community in Winston-Salem, North Carolina for more than eight years. He lives independently, still drives, competes in Senior Olympics and even volunteers for Meals-on-Wheels. He’s also a retired Navy pilot who flew countless missions and survived seven plane crashes. In other words… he deserves to have a special treat for his 100th birthday celebration put on by his family and friends. The idea for the theme of his 100th birthday started last year when his family hired a Polynesian style hoola dancer to perform in a traditional grass skirt and bikini. They thought it would bring back memories of his time when he was stationed in Hawaii. Everyone had fun and Uncle Bill even got up and did the hoola, too. Afterward, the other residents started saying that he should get a real stripper for his 100th birthday and really put a smile on his face. Even the women thought it would be funny and entertaining to see his reaction to a sexier dancer. So, the family started exploring the idea further by calling around to local clubs, dance schools and searching online to see who might be available and what it would cost for a short performance. It took months of preparation to put together all of the details and to find someone suitable. Then at the last minute the young lady who was originally hired canceled and a new dancer had to be found on short notice.The management staff had told the family that any performance would have to be G Rated if it was going to happen in the dining hall or public areas of the property. Otherwise, they would need to take the party back to Mr. Edwards’ apartment.Up to this point, everything seemed fine.Then the dancer arrived and began to do her routine, stripping down to a bikini top and leggings then dancing suggestively around Mr. Edwards in the dining hall. She was wearing more clothes than the hoola dancer the year before. Everybody seemed to be enjoying the performance.Apparently, one of the staff members was upset by this dancer’s performance and called the corporate office to lodge a sexual harassment complaint against the local management staff who were not on-duty that day.Within minutes, the management staff had been contacted by the corporate office about the complaint and they shut down the party. The family was fine with this and the dancer gathered her things and left. Later that day, Mr. Edwards family received word that the local management team might be fired over the incident. Then a few days later, the management staff was actually fired and told to be out of their residence within three days. Up to this point, nobody from corporate had asked for any details or had given them the opportunity to explain. The corporate response was that they had violated the company’s sexual-harassment policy. Period.Mr. Edwards feels responsible for the firing even though he had nothing to do with the party arrangements. He was close friends with the managers and is heartbroken over the loss of their jobs right here during the holidays.The family and friends of Mr. Edwards has repeatedly reached out to the company to get them to change their minds and re-hire the managers because the managers were innocent of any wrong-doing or policy violation.This blog is for the purpose of sharing the story, pointing out the absurdity of the company’s over-reaction and to clearly document the events as they happen so that the truth is publicly known. Please share this in defense of the local managers who lost their jobs over a 100 year old Navy veteran’s birthday party, an apparently disgruntled employee out for revenge and an inflexible corporate human resources director.

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