Yeah, yeah, yeah…I know the guy is to blame in this situation, too. Don’t know people always feel that they need to point that out. But when your guy breaks it off with the tramp, and you both are going to counseling and working on your marriage, she needs to take the hint and move along. This bitch knew he wasn’t leaving me, that we were still very much together, but still wanted to stalk him at his work repeatedly. I even tracked this slut down and asked her straight up what the fuck was wrong with her. She simply said “oh, we are just friends!”. I knew that bitch was lying. She was probably too scared that I actually confronted her. You have to one crazy, cold hearted, twisted floozy to threaten to tell the wife just so you can try to make him talk to you. I already knew about her trifling ass, so I’m not sure what she was trying to accomplish there. She puts on this whole “I’m a good girl and a good mom” front so her friends and family and co workers will think she’s not a whore. She works at the Berkshire Health Care Center in Vinton, VA. I’m not if she’s certified nurse yet or still just a CNA. See bitch? I told you that you’d regret crossing me. **And for anyone about to say “oh you should ditch your husband”, or “its his fault, she doesn’t have to care about you, he should”, or “you shouldn’t give her info. out for everyone to see”…to that I say SCREW YOU! You’ve evidently never been in this situation, and I hope to God that you never are. This bitch put me through so much hell, that I want her to feel the pain I did. And, if this happens to cause her even 1 iota of what I felt, then it’s ALL worth it. These little slutty ass trollops need to be taught a lesson one way or another. Also, don’t worry, my husband caught ALL the shit, even her part because she would never return my phone calls. He’s suffered. But unlike that dumpster cunt who I could care less if she died tomorrow, I love him and refused to give up on my marriage that easily. I am so glad that I didn’t. Today, we’re better than we had been in quite awhile.