Okay, I admit I made the first mistake. I got a card from a club that I trusted about an ‘almost free’ gift they wanted to give me from Holsted Jewelers. For the little bitty price of $6.99 s&h each I would receive 2 gen-u-wine gemstone rings. I even read the fine print about the jewelry series they would be sending me ‘unless’ I sent in the card within 10 days & canceled the series. I thought ‘Okay, I can do that.”I got the 1st ring & 5 days later the 2nd ring. That evening I checked my bank balance online & was aghast to see they had debited my acct for 2 charges of $56.98 for the next pieces in the series! And it was dated for the previous day! They took the money before the 2nd ring arrived! I called them

explained the problem & the lady says she can cancel the series but the order had already been sent & she couldn’t refund my money until they received the jewelry back. I was politely clear & firm that I wanted my money back. The jewelry never came in & the money was returned to my acct. I didn’t file a report then ’cause I thought it was over.Well

it wasn’t over! I got a postcard in the mail saying they had ‘accidently’ sent me another piece of the series. I was supposed to mark the package ‘return to sender’ & they would refund my acct as soon as they got it back. What?!? I checked online & sure enough

$56.98 was gone again. Now for the bad part: I never received the jewelry so I can’t send it back….so how do I get my money back?!? That was a couple days ago….tonight there is another $56.98 taken from my acct. I went online to check their website (& leave an impolite email) but I was directed to another site with a different name! I can’t call them until Monday (this is early Sunday morning).My bank charges a large fee to stop payment on stuff like this but I don’t know what else to do. They have free access to my bank acct thru my debit card & I have to stop this. I made it very clear that I wanted this canceled but apparently no one is listening. Oh yes

I did send in the cancellation cards that came with the rings within the time limit.”